The demand for everything iPod is so high that even an iPod accessory was outselling Microsoft’s new MP3 media player on Microsoft’s new Zune media player, despite heavy marketing, came in only at No. 75 on Amazon’s list of 100 best-selling electronics this week. The Zune was trailing many iPod accessories such as Apple’s $29.99 iPod USB power adapter, at No. 65.

But in the time since CBS Marketwatch first reported this story on Monday, the Zune has managed to gain some ground on the iPod charger. Amazon updates their sales ranks hourly but when I last checked this morning the score was 59 to 73 with the Zune in the lead. Apple fanboys will probably be disapointed to hear that the Zune is now outselling iPod chargers but some things just take time, effort, and money. Microsoft has at least one of those.

Pete Mortensen from has this to say in his blog about these super selling iPod chargers:

“Apple is dominating digital music in a way that they’ve never owned a category. And what’s funny is that I can’t really understand why the Mac never had the same kind of runaway success. The limitations of the iPod are similar to those of the Mac, its closed architecture, cheap clone knock-offs, everything. But for some reason, Windows bowled over Apple, while the iPod continues to get more popular by the day. It’s a little wonder.”

I wonder if Bill Gates knows that a power cord was beating the latest “iPod Killer” from Microsoft.