The world’s leading provider of innovating reading solution, IREX Technologies has announced the launch of its new sleek e-Reader that offers multi-mode 3G wireless capabilities – IREX DR800SG. It’s the 8.1-inch touch-enabled e-Book reader which the company claims as the first eReader to leverage Qualcomm’s Gobi multi-mode 3G technology that supports global connectivity, enabling users to download content to IREX DR800SG while traveling abroad.


“Consumers are ready for eReaders, but the device is only one piece of the equation. People want an enjoyable, easy reading experience with no-hassle access to content. IREX’s strategy – based on giving consumers choice – and the partnerships we have in place make it easier for them to purchase a device, access content and enjoy it wherever they are,” said Kevin Hamilton, North American CEO for IREX Technologies. “IREX has been a driving force behind the evolution of eReaders since its founders invented e-paper display technology based on E Ink Corporation’s electronic ink. With the DR800SG, we bring to market all that readers have been asking for: a stellar device that puts the reader in the driver seat with regard to where they buy content and what they do with it.”

Key Features Of IREX DR800SG:

  • Large 8.1-inch touch screen ideal for books, magazines and newspapers with detailed graphics
  • Utilizes the latest electronic paper display technology to deliver an “ordinary paper” experience
  • Easy navigation thanks to the interactive touch screen and straightforward buttons
  • Adjusts text size and margin widths as well as select portrait or landscape mode to suit users’ preferences
  • Supports multiple formats including industry standard ePub format and multiple DRM solutions
  • Access to more than 750,000 titles from Barnes & Noble eBookstore
  • 3G wireless connectivity powered by nation’s largest and most reliable wireless network – Verizon Wireless
  • Leverages Gobi multi-mode 3G embedded module that contains Qualcomm’s mobile broadband technology for global connectivity

“Wireless connectivity has the potential to enhance many aspects of everyday life, and the IREX DR800SG is an example of the type of flexibility and enhanced user experience that can be delivered through 3G,” said Barry Matsumori, vice president of product management at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “Qualcomm’s Gobi technology will bring a new level of freedom to consumers using the DR800SG worldwide.”

The new IREX DR800SG e-Reader that comes with a stylus and a leather cover will hit Best Buy stores starting October 2009 for around $400.