Wonder when will the DDR3 memory technology starts to dominate PC market? If you are looking to purchase a new PC system and still considering what chipset to bundle with, then this piece of research study report may able to give you some hint for better decision. Just recently, iSuppli, the famous market research company has disclosed the projection that the DDR3 shipment will overtake existing DDR2 memory for the first time in PC market by second quarter of 2010.

According to iSuppli, the market share for DDR3 will reach 50.9 percent by second quarter of 2010, which is significantly up as compared to only 14.2 percent by second quarter this year. The major contribution is expected to come from the new transition effort driven by Intel Corp as and when its latest chipset will only feature with DDR3 memory controller support but not existing DDR2. The outcome is obvious, since the DDR3 is a lot more higher bandwidth and faster than DDR2 and it requires 30 percent less power due to lower supply voltage to the module. As a direct result, users can now enjoy a much higher PC processing power with longer battery life for more effective work in daily life.

If you realize, the price of DDR2 has actually gone up recently due to supply limitation, and when the DDR3 memory module’s demand starts to ramp, we should expect its pricing to go down further as an affordable and mainstream memory technology by 2010.