Ever wondered how an MP3 player can save your life? The new Taser Music Player Holster or iTAser is a stun gun-cum-music player which allows users to store 1GB of songs and fire a non-lethal 50,000 volt of electric charge. It is ideal for women as the two-in-one gadget functions both as an entertainment and security tool. Women can bring the iTaser everywhere in their handbag and use the weapon in any emergency situation.

It is a fashion statement for the trendy for the iTAser comes in striking designs and colours of bright red, hot pink or sexy leopard spots. The Arizona-based manufacturer hopes to reach a new niche market by promoting the iTAser through cellphone shops and electronic gadget dealers. An assailant or attacker may not know what hits him as he receives a 0.00.21 amps incapacitating shot when the user aims the iTaser and perhaps plays the track song Miss Congeniality, Star Wars or Robocop as distraction. It’s definitely a bizarre but cool way to stay safe.