ItsHiddenVPN (Virtual Private Network) allows a home computer to connect to another remote node through Internet using open connection or virtual circuit tunnel, securely or insecurely. VPN is not to be confused with proxy server which simply redirects and fetches resources from another server upon requests. Instead, one usage of VPN is to provide access to a network (such as Internet) via customized or private routing mechanisms, effectively masking and “anonymize” the source end-users.

Most free VPN service on the Internet is either not reliable such as Tor network, subject to limit bandwidth or usage restriction (such as Hotspot Shield), or has turned into full premium service that requires subscription fee or payment (such as AlwaysVPN).

ItsHidden is the new kid on the block that provides free anonymous VPN service. Currently in beta phase, ItsHidden is now opened for free registration by anyone who needs to use a VPN tunnel or anonymizer service. Best of all, ItsHidden works on BitTorrent (BT) traffic including uploading and downloading transfer. Thus, it’s useful for users who torrent traffic been throttled by their ISP, ,or users who need to hide themselves for anti-piracy organizations from sharing copyrighted materials.

Features of ItsHidden:

  • is fast and reliable with over 5 gigabits of dedicated bandwidth.
  • Instant access
  • Total privacy, no records of your surfing are kept by us
  • No software is needed
  • 128-bit secure connection to ensure privacy over all networks
  • It’s FREE

ItsHidden makes use of built-in new connection wizard of Windows operating system or other system with VPN client to set up Virtual Private Connection network to establish secure connection that encrypts information to ItsHidden VPN server. Thus, no additional application is required to be installed.

Currently, all traffic through ItsHidden VPN tunnel is been routed through servers located in Netherlands (Holland) using share IP addresses, with plan for dedicated statis IP addresses in future. The port forwarding feature is not enabled too during beta, and it’s likely the feature will be part of paid subscription service in future. works on all platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and etc.

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