You may have seen or heard of many netbook design with Intel’s Atom, VIA’s Nano or AMD Geode X86 solution but all these could be quite power hungry although there are claimed to be thermally efficient. Just recently, a Spain based company, iUnika has just unveiled an extremely low cost and low power entry level MIPS based mini netbook, named as “Gyy” that will be running with open source Linux Operating System for those that doesn’t require high graphics and CPU processing. Although the hardware specification doesn’t looks great but the unique about this entry level is it’s the device is built with biodegradable material such as cellulose, starch that make it green environment friendly for consumer market.


Besides the biodegradable casing, the device is further equipped with solar panel that can prolong the battery life suitable for mobile computing. Powered with a low power 400MHz XBurst Architecture based processor and combined with solar panel usage, it is claimed to be able to extend the battery life beyond the normal operability of more than four-hour duration. Some other specifications include, 128MB RAM, 1GB Flash ROM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connectivity as well as an 8-inch 800 X 480 resolution display.

No availability date yet, the Gyy is expected to be sold in commercial market at 130 euros ($182) or 160 euros ($223) for normal and solar model respectively.