The high tech GPS treasure hunt game, Geocaching, is one of the efficient ways to help your kids to cultivate the love of nature and to instill the adventurous spirit in them. Parents or school teachers can set up special “geocaches” (containers with logbooks) or download the geocaches from Geocaching sites such as Participants to the game who are called “geocacher” will be assigned the mission of locating the geocaches. Once they find a cache, they can record their name in the log book. These caches sometimes can be hidden in a secret place. Through this activity, kids are educated and trained to think and plan while exercising their body and enjoying the beauty of the nature. To simplify the educational game and encourage more junior participants to take part, Apisphere has introduced a simple handheld type of GPS device, Geomate.jr, to facilitate the activity.


Unlike other GPS devices, the Geomate.jr is pretty easy to use. No complicated setup or customization is required. The tiny device is preloaded with some cache data which is ready to be used. It saves users the hassle of logging in to the internet and downloading cache data again. The device itself is water-resistant and shockproof. Parents do not need to worry their kids might get lost during the hide-and-seek game because the Geomate.jr allows parents to save a home location which can direct their kids home in the event they get lost.