e-book reader is new trend with more and more products being developed surrounding it. While most of them emphasize on how to reduce power consumption, increase color resolution or even trying to embed the Adobe’s flash playback capability but what makes it different from LG Display is they have started to develop and come out a new flexible e-paper prototype that could easily stand out from the crowd. Measured at 19-inch, it is currently the largest flexible monochrome e-paper in the industry that may potentially influence how future e-book reader design.

With its thickness of merely 0.3mm, consumers can easily flip or fold the e-paper that cannot be done by any existing e-book readers in the market. The technology is made possible by embedding the TFT array into ultra thin metal foil, and hence able to create paper-like flexibility without being limited by conventional hardware components. However, no processor or other hardware specifications being disclosed as of now and you may curious on how the Korean company has able to embed these hardware design into it without significantly increase the whole physical stack up.

No pricing and availability yet, this is definitely a major milestone that could potentially accelerate the interest and migration from conventional reading materials with its attractive newspaper-like flexible form factor design. More importantly, the similar approach can also be deployed into huge advertisement panels, displays and other market segments in short future.