E-book devices are attractive despite the overall decline in figures of people who read for pleasure because the technology offers the potential of storing millions of books which will not fade or turn yellow, and the chance to reduce the costs of books to a fraction of their exorbitant prices. While children may not like the idea of picking up a book to read, parents definitely love the idea of buying their kids an e-book reader to inculcate the reading habit. E-book devices are still an untapped market as individuals of any age who can read can be targeted to own the device, much like the way mobile telecommunication devices have taken the world by storm.

Solar EBook

LG has come up with a way to make e-book readers even more energy efficient. Tapping solar energy for the e-book reader offers users longer usage. Using the technology of a thin film solar cell, LG’s Solar Cell e-book reader provides energy conversion of about 9.6 percent in efficiency with just four or five hours in the sunlight. Measuring 0.7 millimeter in thickness and weighing just 20 grams, the solar cell fits in perfectly into the 6-inch display panel of the LG e-book device. LG’s e-book reader is portable and environmentally friendly and should appeal to both the avid and casual reader.