Previously we mentioned about Menlow CoreExpress Prototype ultra small form factor being developed by Lippert, now it seems that the actual sample is already working and available to manufacturers targeted for embedded mobile, PC and wide range of other applications. Not only appears as one of the earliest prototype based on Intel Atom processor, it is also claimed to be the smallest available platform that has been built and proven working. Good news here, Lippert has announced that this COM (Computer on Module) will be further enhanced with additional RAM memory support to boost up the whole system performance even on this space constraint form factor.

Measured at only 58mm X 65mm, it is only half of the total dimension of a Pico-ITX board and about 25 percent smaller than any of its Atom based rivals such as Kontron’s nano-ETXexpress or even Congatec Conga-CA’s COM Express form factors. The picture will better illustrate its actual size when comparing to a credit card side by side. Thanks to the tiny and yet powerful Intel Z530 Atom processor that can help to achieve this.

Some may argue that since the Core Express only contain the main core without the necessary IO and will need to rely on external motherboard that will end up taking more space due to the whole system stackup. Nevertheless, it offers much flexibility in terms of casing design as well as features customization based on different custom motherboards. At least now it is well known for its smallest available Core Express form factor Atom based COM in today markets.