Avira Premium Security Suite is an all-in-one security protection software that includes all protection components against most threats, online or offline. The features of Avira Premium Security Suite, now at version 8, include AntiVir, AntiAd, AntiSpyware, AntiPhishing, AntiRootkit, AntiDrive-by, AntiBot, EmailScanner, WebGuard, RescueSystem, BackupSystem, AntiSpam, FireWall and GameMode.

Avira has teamed up with various entities and publishers to giveaway free 3-month subscription license with genuine and working license key file for Avira Premium Security Suite 8 or its future versions. My Digital Life (or rather Tips and Tricks) have previously provided the hack to get free subscription license key file for Avira Premium Security Suite for 3 months. For users who feel that 3 months free usage period is too short, there are plenty more Avira promotional offers by various other websites, which can be used to apply for new 3 months subscription period.

There are currently at least 4 offers that are still valid and running offer for Avira Premium Security Suite, enabling users to get 4 3-months free license key:

PC Advisor: https://license.avira.com/en/promotion-cj0ptfb6eh8cmw6a101r

Avira Exclusive “No Hoax Campaign”: https://license.avira.com/en/promotion-0vplf6s3gy16a8zc3s0d

Ubisoft: https://license.avira.com/en/promotion-hylm9fbv7chaxs8zbl83

o2 Kunden: https://license.avira.com/de/promotion-j0mhc32ccgdwatzey42z

https://license.avira.com/en/promotion-rll107qrhqj3f9byjqlb (UK only)

In theory, it’s possible to extend free usage of Avira Premium Security Suite to 12 months or 1 year with the 4 offers listed above (more with different email address). However, users have to apply for the new free license key file or serial number at the end of existing subscription period just before the expiry date, as the Avira’s 3 month license begins to run from the time the email license is received. For the trick to work, the offers must still available, of course.

The setup installer for latest version of Avira Premium Security Suite can be downloaded from avira.com.

Update: Free Avira Premium Security Suite