The famous German based antivirus software company, Avira, has again teamed up with the UK based PC magazine, PC Advisor, to give away a 183-day or 6-month free subscription license with genuine and working license key for its award-winning antivirus package, Avira Premium Security Suite 9. Previously, lots of 3 months free Avira Premium Security Suite license or 6 months free Avira Premium Security Suite license have been offered too.

Avira Premium Security Suite is a comprehensive security protection solution which offers users a thorough protection against viruses, malware, internet spam, etc. The suite features various security tools such as AntiVir, AntiAd, AntiSpyware, AntiPhishing, AntiRootkit, AntiDrive-by, AntiBot, EmailScanner, WebGuard, RescueSystem, BackupSystem, AntiSpam, FireWall and GameMode within the package.

To get the 6-month free subscription, users can log on to the Avira site via the link here. Users need to fill out the online form and click on the “Request license now” button to send to Avira. Users will thence receive an email with the license key and the installation instructions which will guide users through the installation process. Users need to install the latest Avira Premium Security Suite 9 via the link here and apply the license key given to enjoy the 183-day free antivirus.

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Update: Free Avira Premium Security Suite