Have you ever imagine that you can listen to audio or any music in your iPod without using your ears? That is true. With this next generation headphone, you can use your cranial bone to listen to your favorite music.

This technology known as bone conduction technology has able to create a new revolution way of people listening to music. The principal behind is it is able to transmit mechanical vibrations from the headphone into the inner ear through the skull bone.


There are few advantages of this newly released headphone over traditional earphone. It is more comfort as you can get rid of the traditional earphone buds stuck into your ears directly. Amazingly, the audio quality is said to be clearer with less background noise distraction. Still, the most important one is that it will not obstruct the user from hearing external audio whenever there is any emergency case.

Its physical appearance looks exactly like normal earphones. So, don’t be surprise when you are seeing someone with the headphones not aligned properly to his ears while still enjoying the iPod music.