How frequent when you jot down a lecturer note but later cracking your head trying to figure out what it actually means? Unless you are a very detailed person with fast writing skills, else you may need this smart pen for your daily work. Livescribe has just unveiled a new Pulse Smartpen that is intelligent enough to be your assistance during any training classes or lecturers. It is far more than a pen for jotting down notes as it can memorize handwriting while able to record the audio along with the writing characters on the notepad.


Thanks to its ARM 9 processor that able to analyze and record the audio track based on handwriting movement. While the processor alone may not able to complete the task, it is equipped with high end tiny camera module that has DPS (Dot Positioning System) so that both audio track and digital writing can be synchronized and then replayed with high accuracy.

With the device in place, users will no longer miss any lecturer notes in the future. While the company is also working on new Developer program to encourage more applications and usage models, the product is ready to be launched by end of this quarter. There will be two models available: 1GB model with 16000 pages of digital notes and 100 hours of audio storage at $149. If you think this is not sufficient but have enough budget to upgrade, then 2GB model at additional $50 may suit your need.