Have you heard of the expression ‘seeing the world through tinted glasses?’ Well, the world you see will, on the contrary, be very comprehensive and complex if you do it through Vuzix Wrap 920AV. Vizix has come up with a pair of regular-looking glasses that functions as portable video eyewear. The Vuzix Wrap 920AV glasses will connect to any media player and allow you to view a heads up display much as if the video screen were in front of you. Besides, the glasses have built-in headphones and the focal lenses can be adjusted individually.

There is no point going around with a technological marvel that makes you look like a geek. Previous designs of video-enabled glasses were ludicrous and ghastly. We want both the looks and the goods. Vuzix boasts of a relatively normal-looking device that doubles as sunglasses. While not actually trendy, they resemble ordinary-looking glasses albeit thicker and heavier. The Vuzix Warp 920Av may be the most acceptable video shades for users until bionic eye camera implants become available.

The product will only be officially released in January but here’s a sneak preview of what is in store.