ed-9000.jpg It’s so simple and user-friendly! If you like karaoke but can’t lug the whole set of equipment along on your holiday, you can consider the Magic-Sing Karaoke. English teachers can use the Magic-Sing Karaoke in their classrooms. The brilliant gadget consists of a microphone and nothing else. You just need to plug the cables attached to the microphone to the right audio and video ports on a TV. The mike uses the speakers on the TV to project sound. Magic-Sing Karaoke also comes equipped with more than 2000 songs. Just browse the menu of song titles and key in your desired song on the number pad on the stem of the mike.

A bonus feature is that the microphone is also programmed to cater to two types of singers – amateur and professional. The ratings provided at the end gives you an idea of your performance. The amateur rating system is kinder and more forgiving of pitching problems. Think of Paula Abdul versus Simon Cowell in American Idol. If you score above 96, you are considered talented. Your performance can even be recorded and played back immediately for your listening pleasure or chagrin. Your singing, however, cannot be stored in the mike as it does not have sufficient memory.

A drawback of the magic mike is that the songs come in MIDI format and thus the quality of the songs is not exactly American Idol finalist stuff. And the karaoke also has characteristics of pirated CDs for some of the song lyrics are inaccurate. But the price of the karaoke microphone will prove that it is not a pirated item!