It used to be when the magnifying glass was the most common ornament for elderly men and women. Gentlemen would hold up the magnifying glass around their neck and peer short-sightedly at the words. While impaired vision is still a reality, the magnifying glass has become passé. The Optelec Compact Mini is set to replace the magnifying glass as a reading aid in the twenty-first century.

Optelec Compact Mini

Priced at an affordable $395, the Compact Mini would make an ideal Christmas gift for your parents or grandparents. The handheld camera featuring a 3.5-inch LCD screen can magnify texts or images up to 11x their original size for easy reading. The colours of the screen can even be adjusted to aid individuals who have problems detecting colour contrasts. The Compact Mini has a collapsible stand to facilitate reading even in awkward places. Since it can fit easily into the pocket, it is portable and can be carried everywhere.