Diabetes patients have to constantly monitor their glucose levels to keep the disease under control. Diabetics suffer from a condition where insulin cannot be properly produced by the body, causing health complications for patients and putting them at risk of kidney problems, heart diseases, blindness or gangrene. The Bayer Contour USB Meter is a device which helps diabetes patients and caregivers to measure glucose levels and monitor their disease.


The Bayer Contour USB Meter test patients’ glucose strips and store up to 2000 test results. The meter can be plugged in to the Mac or PC for more detailed logs and information. The device is integrated with Glucofacts ™ Deluxe software which ensures easy data retrieval and long term analysis of results. Long-term tracking of patients’ sugar levels is important and the data processing function played by Bayer Contour USB Meter can help diabetes patients feel more in control of their disease and allow them to seek treatment adjustment if necessary.

Below is a summarized features of the Bayer Contour USB Meter:

  • A bright color display screen visible in any light that shows average, high and low readings
  • Customizable features such as intuitive pre- and post-meal marking
  • 500MB extra memory for storage of personal diabetes information
  • Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port or via the CONTOUR USB wall charger provided
  • Glucofacts(TM) DELUXE diabetes management software (use of Bayer’s diabetes management software has been shown to significantly lower A1C(2) and a sustained A1C reduction could lead to potential cost savings.)