konkatsu-braWomen lib has taken a new turn in the twenty-first century. The bra has been digitalized and equipped with a timer clock to count the number of days that remain before the female wearer must get married. Produced by Triumph International, the Konkatsu Bra is designed for the Japanese market to check the trend of unmarried women or women marrying late in their lives.

The wearer sets the deadline to get married and sets it ticking. Before the clock hits zero, the wearer must find a suitable suitor to place an engagement ring in the compartment in the cleavage of the bra above the timer. If this is done, the Wedding March will be played in celebration. Otherwise, the woman will have to live with sagging breasts and the old maid tag…?



Sounds like a time bomb to pressure the Japanese woman into marriage chains or the ideal gift for an unattached enemy. Wonder if the wearer would need to strip at the airport if the sensors go off. Women hunting men is not very popular in conservative Asia but the bra could trigger a new trend of bold assertive women with ticking breasts.