Many people don’t really bother about the air quality around them. In fact air quality is one important element which can cause a lot of health hazards to human beings and damage body functions substantially. Air pollutants such as chemical/biological substances, liquid droplets, or gases can cause cardiopulmonary complications linked to breathing and other diseases. For your health concern and if you are worried that the recent economic activities taking place at your neighborhood have substantially threatened the air quality, one way to reduce your anxiety is to measure the air quality from time to time. You do not need a complicated measuring tool to test the air quality. A European company, Sensaris, has introduced a GPS-equipped and Bluetooth-enabled sensor which can be worn on the wrist and allows users to measure real-time air quality. Users can use the sensor to collect air-quality data and transfer the data to their cellphone via the Bluetooth feature. The data will thence be transferred to a centrre via mobile internet for analysis. Besides air quality, this tiny wearable device also is able to measure noise pollution. There is no pricing detail revealed at this point of time.

The Sensaris air and noise pollution measuring device will be useful not only for environmentalists. Users can also use it to measure and collect the noise level produced by their irritating neighbours who like to have late parties after midnight!