Metalink has recently announced its collaboration with Hisense to enter China market by supplying its state of the art 802.11n WLANplus technology for HDTV (High Definition TV) segment. This is the first big step for this Isreali semiconductor company to work with China leading TV manufacturer, foreseeing that wireless technology and video streaming in digital home are another big demand in the advanced TV applications.

The usage model for this application is that the consumers are able to stream video or media contents wirelessly from set-top boxes to any other wireless enabled digital devices in digital home. Metalink chip is capable of supporting multiple HD media streaming wirelessly at the maximum speed of 300 Mbps. This is about 5-6 times higher when comparing to current 802.11 b/g at the rate of only 54 Mbps. Besides, it also features a Maximum Likelihood (ML) decoder and Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) technology that able to bring the data transmission closed to actual theoretical rate. A single High Definition video will only take up not more than 20 Mbps and the bandwidth is far more than sufficient to stream multiple media clips simultaneously.

Hisense was the highest TV manufacturer in China last year. The momentum is expected to continue and Metalink will be able to benefit from this collaboration effort. Immediate after the announcement, Metalink shares rose around 12 percent and closed at $6.51.