Micron Technology has just announced its new product roadmap will include the world’s smallest foot print DDR2 memory controller chip with 1Gb technology by 2008. The new chip, which falls under Aspen family group is targeted for server and mobile segment in which power efficiency and space are always a concern. To be fabricated using 68-nm process technology, the silicon is estimated to be measured at 56 mm X 56 mm only which is quite tiny even for mobile world.

Smaller die size direct translates to smaller end products or more features and functionality a product that is able to cater with the similar form factor. Besides, another important advantage is the lower power consumption which is always a design concern especially for power hungry handheld product. Nobody wants a good performance device but being traded off with significant shorter battery life cycle. The 68-nm process technology memory chip is believed to be able to conserve 20 percent less power, while able to increase speed as compared to its predecessor. This is definitely an ideal solution for small form factor MID (Mobile Internet Device) or UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC).

The mass production is expected to kick start in beginning of next year with an aggressive road map that includes DDR3 product as the market is trending towards.