When you heard about Micron, the first product that comes to your mind could be the DRAM memory modules that have been widely used in PC industry. But things are changing now. The US based company is moving into microdisplay panel industry by announcing a new WQVGA (Wide-screen quarter VGA) microdisplay panel targeted for portable consumer electronics products.

This is the first microdisplay after its success acquisition on Displaytech Inc. While it seems to be totally unrelated industries, but Micron has able to leverage on Displaytech’s expertise and technology leadership with its more than 20 years experience in this field to move along in this fast changing industry. These panels, utilizing FLCOS (Ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon) technology from Displaytech, offer a full 24-but color depth and best combination of brightness, fidelity and clarify needed for pico projector or viewfinder module in video camera.

As a result of the acquisition, the new product will be sold along with other larger size resolution products such as VGA, SVGA or WVGA display panels and at the same time, Micron will still concentrate on its DRAM, NAND flash and CMOS image sensors for consumer markets.