There are many cases where Microsoft Office 2007 cannot be uninstalled properly from the system by using Add and Remove Program or Uninstall Program of Control Panel, normally with setup failed and rolling back changes error message. The cause of the uninstallation problem is vary, such as corrupted or invalid components or remnants from prerelease or trial version of Office 2K7, or invalid registry value after attempting to hack Office 2007 trial version into full version, or when installing different editions of Office multiple times.

When it’s impossible to automatically uninstall Microsoft Office 2007, or 2007 Office System suite or standalone programs fail to, cannot or unable to uninstall automatically, users can always manually uninstall Microsoft Office 2007. For users who want to do a quick deletion of all registry keys, values and entries added by Office 2007 System, here’s a script program to delete and remove all registry entries added by Microsoft Office 2007 System setup, and can be used to force uninstall 2007 Microsoft Office System.

The Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Complete Removal Tool will delete and remove all Microsoft Office 2007 related entries in the system registry to return and restore system registry to clean state before Office 2007 is installed. It can be used as a supplement utility to completely uninstall Office 2007 System, before deleting the installation files and folders of Office 2007.

WARNING: This tool is meant for users who need to reinstall or who wants to install again Microsoft Office 2007, as without proper uninstallation, Office 2007 does not allow new installation. The utility will delete large amount of registry keys, which may affect system stability upon deletion if Office 2K7 is not installed again.

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Complete Removal Tool: (Download removed due to Demand for Immediate Take-Down: Notice of Infringing Activity NoticeID:111634363242022708. Please visit or for proper non-Control Panel uninstallation method)

Microsoft Office 2008 Complete Clean Registry Removal Tool

Usage Guide

Extract the content of the ZIP archive to a folder, and then run Uninstall.exe. Click on Uninstall to start the uninstallation by registry removal of 2007 Office System suite. Backup your registry before proceeding by running Registry Editor, and then export complete registry hive.

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  • omar maurer


  • ahole all around

    this download link goes to a virus, it sends you to a page that tell you in order to get the download, you must fill out forms or download antoher ad. SCAM

  • jolin

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  • spunkyjon

    Link is down! :(

  • jcjim990

    Thanks the author, very useful advice. my pc's internet connection is very slow, which always drive me crazy, I want a program to solve my slow computer, several days ago my friend recommend me a software tuneup360, now I'm waiting for the result.

  • Adam

    It worked for me on Win 7. All the profane posts crying that it wrecked their systems are from trolls. There is no virus, either. If you use a cheap program like Avast, you'll likely get false positives. Try using a real virus checker, like Symantec.

  • zacdee316

    It didn't work for me, but it didn't fuck up my system running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    try this though, didn't work for me, but might for you guys.

  • gojj
  • Gor

    Pretty Please, is there a tool to remove MS Office 2010…

  • Pacman

    Does this work for Office 2010 too?

  • Husam

    This tool works great for uninstalling Office 2007 from the registry .. BUT .. it will remove many important registry entries (specially if you are using Windows Vista or 7) the system will be completely screwed up if you use it .. you have to do repair installation for windows.


  • Bill

    This file contains the Generic.dx trojan.

  • Conloria

    I have the same problem with Office 2010 Technical Preview. How can I forcibly uninstall this?

  • Conloria

    I have the same problem with the Office 2010 Technical Preview version.

    What can I use to force uninstall it?

  • bintz

    thnx men

  • Daniel

    Thanks this was really helpfull, allthough it was necesarry to use the program 3 times so that it could be completely removed 2007 !!

  • hmm why guys u say this virus and not work it work for me it have virus but it really work

  • gt

    i had the same problem as all of you so when i read the error issue of uninstalling it said something to do with temp folders so i ran disk cleanup and checked every box other than the error reporting ones and it has worked


    GREAT TOOL !!!!

    IT works perfectly

    THANK you so much


  • DU


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  • Senses


    Now I've to restore my system again -_-…PLEASE REMOVE THIS TOOL!


  • e

    screwed up my computer as well… i would have to reboot the entire system. unfortunately, had other plans for the weekend, but… oh well. should have read the reviews ahead of time.

  • Barbara

    Luckily I did not read any of the messages as they were all very negative and you have saved my program with your registry removal tool! Thank you.

  • aa


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  • MXM

    Im not takin the shot since somce reviws are quite bad…. cant risk it so im going with the step by step given on the MS support page.

  • This works but is definitely not perfect. The icons still remain, and it seriously does damage to your registry, in mine it messed up all the desktop fonts. But might be normal after reinstalling microsoft office.

  • John Broadwaters

    This is a bunch of Shit.

  • Sam

    Hi again, for some reason I am really not getting the same results as some of the other guys unless you count that on my computer DCOM terminated and forced a restart earlier, anyway, here is a virustotal analysis of the tool:

  • Sam

    Hi, I used this and now I cannot install Office 2007 again anymore. Is there a way to reverse this stupid tools work without reinstalling windows?

  • Hastarin

    Both files contain a Trojan virus according to Avast.

  • Kevin

    Ok, its me again.

    I just found out that all my programms crash all the time and i get many error messages.


    IExplore crash at Windows Update.

    My PC is lagging sometimes.

    System Restore crash…

    Dont use it…

  • Kevin

    It works fine.

    There was only a error that pop up with my windows installer after PC restart and something was wrong with my printer driver but i reinstalled it.

    My games, browser and all other programms still work.

    Good job.

  • wqrqweqw

    Do Not Download This! This Script Deleted Half My Computer And **ruined** My Wireless Networking Card For Some Reason, And I Had To Completely Reinstall My OS! I Lost 100GB Of Data Out Of 200GB And I Have A 500GB Hard Drive Also Now I Can't Install Certain Programs Because Even After A Clean Reinstall If I Install Certain Programs My Computer Turns Into A Bunch Of Glitches Again And I Have To Take Out The Battery!!!! Do Not Install The Script!!!!




  • fuckyou asshole

    fuck you scammer! THIS FUCKING RUINED MY DOMPUTER!

  • BG

    Thanks for this. My anti-virus software finds the following in the Uninstall.exe: trojan.win32.packed.gen (v). Do you think this is a contaminated version of the original?


  • sishir


    Thanks so much for taking time to post this.

    I installed the trial version of office2007 and changed the "proof" file as instructed in an article here. it worked fine until i messed up the whole thing by changing the system date. now, no matter what i do, the docs are opened in read-only mode.

    I ran this utility on XP multiple times, but, in vain.

    I even deleted the "Microsoftshared" folder, hoping to help me, by running in safe mode, didn't help…

    Is there something else could do?

  • Worked great in XP and Vista, many thanks!

    Also it will help more if you could provide the source or use a download site like



  • simone

    the download file contains virus is this ok ?

    i dont think so :S i need help not get worse

    • admin

      Should be the download page, but not the file. We will ditch soon.

  • Great!!! Thanks.