Digital furniture is another new technology that the digital giant, Microsoft, is working on. In conjunction with this, the digital giant now plans to unveil a new category of surface computing product, namely Microsoft Surface. This new Microsoft Surface features a 30-inch screen embedded in an acrylic tabletop. The device’s electronic guts are hidden in the low-slung table’s thick pedestal.


You might think it is as an ordinary and old-fashioned tabletop at first glance. But then you will be surprised that this tabletop comes with a dynamic surface that can interact with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Users do not require a mouse, keyboard or joystick anymore to interact with the content and information. They can just use their fingers, for instance, to browse for music or to drag their favorite songs onto their play-list.

Microsoft Surface also features the ability to recognize physical objects. For instance, if you place a digital camera with Wi-Fi capabilities on the table, the table can recognize the camera and, at a touch of the screen, downloads its photos and video clips. This feature will be very useful commercially. Imagine that you are in a restaurant: you can just set a wine glass on the table’s surface and the database will show you information about the wine that you are drinking and suggest to you the food pairing to your wine. Microsoft Surface can also read bar codes and identification tags embedded in objects like club membership cards.

The technology of the Microsoft Surface will definitely be common someday in homes as well as commercially. It is easy, fast and convenient. Having said that, the stability and reliability of this technology is still uncertain. Of course, cost is another key issue which will determine whether the device will be popular in future.

Let’s have a look on Microsoft Surface Teaser

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