Microsoft plans to deliver up to 5 test updates to PCs running the Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) via Windows Update, beginning from February 24th, 2009. These updates will not be installed automatically, and user will be notified, even though Windows Update has been configured for automatic update. It’s not clear if the leaked Windows 7 Build 7022 system will get the test updates or not.

In order to install these test updates, user will have to go to the Windows Update control panel and manually start installation. The updates will be clearly titled as a test update. According to Windows Team blog, these updates do not deliver any new features or fixes. The test updates are only used to test the Windows 7 servicing infrastructure, which is used to update Windows 7.

For user who doesn’t want to install the updates, just right click on each update and select “Hide update” to prevent it from being shown in the list of available updates in Windows Update or Microsoft Update.