Typically, a normal DVD disc can store data up to 10 years reliably without starting to degrade. This is in fact quite sufficient for average consumers’ usage since most of them are used for media and normal data storage. However, for some organization or individuals that are looking for ways to archive important and confidential data for longer period, then the new invention from Millenniata may able to fill up the gap. Named as Millenial Disk, the new disc storage technology is claimed to be able to extend the data reliability to up to 1000 years.

The mechanism behind is the company utilizes a more solid material, a similar material to obsidian that can be permanently embedded into the reflective material to create the longevity. While more in depth detail is unknown since the company is said to be still under licensing negotiation with Philips on the technology. There seems to be no way to accurately access the data sustaining lifetime to be up to 1000 years, but the company has applied some industry standard stress tests with disks soaked under extreme temperature and humidity conditions to estimate the life product cycle and degradation over time.

No actual date of availability yet, the new disc is expected to cost from $25 to $30 and good news is, it is estimated that the same technology can be applied to higher capacity Blu-ray disc too in short future.