is currently selling a $999,999.00 1/2 ounce plastic SiK rex remote control that works with the Apple MacBook Pro, iPod Universal Dock, Apple TV, Front Row, iPod Hi-Fi and is Front Row compatible.

No joke. You can see the SiK rex Amazon page here.

Sound too expensive for a little piece of plastic? What if i told you that the remote can be stored in the ExpressCard/34 slot of your MacBook Pro…

Yeah, I’m not convinced it’s worth it. But if Bill Gates is reading this…. hurry dude, there is only one left in stock!

This is obviously a just a typo. So I took a screenshot of the million dollar SiK rex remote page and posted it here on flickr in case Amazon takes the page down.

If you are still interested in the SiK rex remote control but not the million dollar price tag, you can also purchase one used or from a 3rd party on for only $25.