How nice would it be if you can carry a mini computer LCD screen along for extended screen while you are traveling around? MIMO understands well on the consumers’ needs that triggers the new invention of the foldable USB mini LCD display suitable for space constraint office space as well as mobile computing. Named as 710-Slider, it is a 7-inch display LCD that can be fold completely so that it can be easily stored and brought in a standard notebook carrying back.


The tiny LCD display is supported with standard 800 X 480 resolutions and what makes it so unique is it is powered by USB interface that eliminate the needs of additional power cabling. To further reduce the cabling, the LCD module’s visual signaling is also feed through the multifunction USB port that enables a simplified and slim down version of LCD display suitable for travelers. Besides, it is designed with easy foldable function that can be completely fold until the unit stayed flat for easy storage when it is not in use.

Already available in the market at a retail price of $150, the tiny display LCD is very affordable and more importantly, it is compatible with different OS (Operating Systems) such as Windows as well as Mac in digital home.