ministation1.gifA mini buffalo in action? This mean little black device is tough. It can withstand minor shocks and bumps besides being a speed demon. This is none other than the Buffalo MiniStation, a portable hard disk available from 80 to 400GB. The MiniStation has TurboUSB function which increases the writing speed by about 25% or one minute. The reading speed is also increased by 10%. It has a nifty tail or USB cable which can be wrapped around its main trunk. This is highly desirable for convenience and easy storage. It also comes with an 80 cm power cable for alternative powering of the drive.

The MiniStation comes equipped with Buffalo’s AES-based SecureLockWare which prevents unauthorized access to users’ important files through its encryption capability. In addition a licensed version of Memeo’s Zero-Touch AutoBackup automatically copies any files added to designated folders as backup files in an external drive. The Buffalo is not known for its strength and tough hide for nothing. Speed, security and convenience are the main features of this mean beast.