A simple smile, the blink of an eye, a raised eyebrow or just sticking out the tongue can on/off your iPod or even change the music which is playing? Probably this magic remote control via body movement is something you could only find in James Bond 007 or Harry Porter movies. A group of researchers from Osaka University has developed a new remote control which let users control their iPod via face expressions, e.g. blinking an eye, sticking out the tongue, etc.

This interesting device, Mimi Switch, looks like a normal set of headphones. Unlike normal headphones, this remote control is fitted with a set of infrared sensors that measure tiny movements inside the ear that result from different facial expressions. “An iPod can start or stop music when the wearer sticks his tongue out, like in the famous Einstein picture. If he opens his eyes wide, the machine skips to the next tune. A wink with the right eye makes it go back,” the chef researcher, Kazuhiro Taniguchi highlighted. “The machine can be programmed to run with various other facial expressions, such as a wriggle of the nose or a smile.”


The idea for this remote control can be also extended to other appliances. It will help physically disabled people to better control electrical appliances such as the air-conditioner, washing machine, etc. Disabled people also can make use of this remote control to trigger alarm or alert medical services if any emergency happens.