Have you experience difficulty falling asleep before? Based on NASA research about blue-light therapy to improve sleep patterns, the leader in healthy lighting since 1956, Verilux has developed a mini TwiLight Ultra Blue Light Sleep Therapy System aims to set your Circadian rhythms and improve your sleep patterns.

twilight-sleep.jpgThe blue light emitted from the device claimed to provide a really soothing environment for sleep. Besides, the precise 460nm light will help you establish normal, healthy sleep pattern as well as magically resets your body internal clock with just a simple step to turn on the soothing blue light about 30 minutes, according to Verilux.

In addition, the company claims that this lifestyle therapy system is provides no-buzz operation and instant-on flicker-free illumination that puts you to sleep the natural way with its Flicker Elimination Technology. Lastly, this TwiLight Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System to enhance your lifestyle/sleep pattern is priced for about $90.