As an effort to promote greener environment, Mitsubishi, the famous Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer has just unveiled the latest MXW/MX LCD TVs that allows users to keep track of real time power consumption while enjoying the digital TV in living room.

What makes the series so unique is it has been enhanced with an eco-meter module directly built into the TV that able to call out the actual power consumption regardless of whichever mode that the TV is set to. Besides, the system is intelligent enough to calculate and advice users to switch to certain picture mode with the hope that it consumes lesser watt without compromising significantly on the picture quality. Once the feature is turned on, it even shows users the details of how much power and amount of Co2 can be saved so that they actually get motivated with continuous energy saving effort being driven and real time results displayed simultaneously.

No further pricing information at this moment, there will be three models planning to be released by next month in Japan market such as the Full HD (High Definition) 37-inch, 32-inch and 26-inch targeted for different consumers’ needs. While it seems not much that a typical digital TV consumes for each household, but if you are looking at it as a whole community, it will definitely able to create self awareness towards the green environment initiative to save the earth.