Want to make the most of the excellent recording functions of the iPod? You can be sure of high quality performance and results when you use GoStudio from Belkin to do the recording. It is a plug-in device and is used much like the thumbdrive where users can plug it to their iPod and record sounds from any sources.

GoStudio is carefully designed for portability, compactness and quality. Due to its superb features, music lovers literally have the recording studio with them on the move. The device has excellent built-in microphones though users can choose to plug in up to two powerful microphones for their recording. There are controls designed for level and gain as well as a limiter and a low cut filter for more professional recording. Besides, the headphone jack and built-in speaker enable recordings to be played back to the mobile music fan. Thoughtfully designed, it also has an iPod docking cradle to keep the device upright and the screen visible to users for easy control.

GoStudio ensures quality of sound besides being user-friendly and practical. It complements the iPod well as a recording device for mobile and demanding digital users.