In today’s demanding market, delivering on time is no longer enough to attract your customers if you are in the delivery or transportation business. Demanding customers are also particular about the condition of their shipment – whether it is properly handled or if there has been any heavy drop to the ground and so on. The world’s leading logistics services company, FedEx, has rolled out its unique drop-in package-tracking sensor, SenseAware, which offers its customers the ability to track the condition of their package throughout the delivery process. The device can detect temperature, the exact location where the package is located using GPS, whether it has been opened using light exposure sensor and whether it has been dropped on the ground via its built-in accelerometer. Customers can check these conditions online in real time.


SenseAware is particularly useful for the life sciences industry. Medical personnel will find this sensor device invaluable when transporting medical items such as organs, stem cells, surgical kits, and so on as the shipment involved is usually costly and time-sensitive. The personnel in-charge can monitor the delivery process and ensure the medical shipment is in good condition and can be ready for use when necessary.

SenseAware was developed out of needs to supply information to chain partners in a reliable and practical manner. It is transparent, efficient, and user-friendly. The ability to monitor temperature, location, and careful handling of a sensitive shipment such as body parts will not only ensure high accountability of logistics staff but ensures this is communicated instantaneously to customers.