Motorola Droid flagship smartphone has been selling like hot cake and if you are one of the its famous Android based mobile device owner and is currently experiencing the internal camera auto-focus issue, you may be interested on this piece of news. The US based company has just confirmed that they are planning to release an OTA (Over-the-air) update that will help to fix this bug without the need of physically returning it to service center.


Motorola Droid smartphone is featured with 5-megapixel camera and this built in camera module is claimed to be having issue with auto focus besides having red corners affecting its captured quality using the powerful smartphone. Further investigation disclosed that it was due to unusual clock timing that could affect its auto focus mechanism intermittently. Although there is a workaround that users can change the date setting but the manufacturer has acknowledged the issue and a permanent fix is in plan.

Obviously, this is the most preferred way to fix products that are already in the field as mutual benefit for both manufacturer and consumers since there is no additional cost and hassle incurred to bring the physical unit back to service center for replacement or bug fixing. Instead, consumers can simply accept the OTA update from the air and download to fix it without any hardware tweak at all.