MozyPro is a remote backup service for businesses and corporations by Decho, who is also offering affordable MozyHome online backup and MozyHome Free with 2 GB disk space for personal usage. Mozy Pro features advanced security protection with 128-bit SSL and AES/Blowfish encryption and provides near continuous data protection with automatic or scheduled backups, block-level incremental backups, version snapshot support, open or locked file support, and SQL, Exchange and network drive support. Mozy Pro also allows bandwidth throttling in order to prioritize traffic for higher priority services.

MozyPro (aff) business account is priced at $3.95 + $0.50/GB (aff) per month for desktop license and $6.95 + $0.50/GB (aff) per month for server license, where at least 1 license and 1 GB of storage is required for subscription. For corporate who wants to save a little bit cost, here’s the opportunity to save on Mozy Pro subscription fee for 20% discount.

From now through May 31, 2009, use promo code SPRINGSALE during registration for MozyPro Business Online Backup (aff) and save 20% on your initial MozyPro purchase.

The promotional code for Mozy Pro effectively reduce the price of server license to $5.56 per month each, and desktop client license to $3.16 per month each. Storage price will be dropped to $0.40 per gigabyte per month. To maximize the discount and savings, it’s possible to subscribe for biennial subscription plan (two-yearly billing cycle) for 3 months free, or bill annually for 1 free month.

For user looking at Mozy Home for persona use, there is also 20% discount promo code for MozyHome.