MozyHome Unlimited is an online backup service through Internet by Mozy that supports open and locked file, 128-bit SSL encyrption, 448-bit Blowfish encryption, scheduling of back up, new and changed file detection, Outlook files backup, and block-level incremental backup. Although Mozy Home Free which offers 2GB totally free online backup (ref: extra 256 MB free space) is available, Mozy Unlimited Backup which priced $4.95 a month (ref) proves to be a great deal.

With the demise of HP Upline service, which also offered unlimited backup space but has been discontinued with less than 1 year in operation, Mozy is offering a special promotional code of 20% discount off yearly and two-yearly Mozy Home Unlimited subscription.

The 20% discount is currently the highest discount available for personal MozyHome subscription, comparing of 15% Mozy discount promo code and 10% monthly discount coupon code. The best thing is the 20% discount is applied on top of free months promotion, which Mozy offers for annual and biannual subscription plan. Mozy has been offering free 1 month for 1-year MozyHome subscription, and free 3 month for 2-year MozyHome Unlimited subscription. With the discount coupon code, MozyHome Unlimited effectively costs only as cheap as $3.465 a month ($3.63 for yearly account or 25%), a hefty 30% discount off listed price.

To entitle for 20% discount off MozyHome Unlimited subscription, enter the following promotional code when sign up for annual or biennial Mozy Unlimited Backup (ref).


Alternative: GOLD (till end of March 2010)

There is also 20% discount promo code for MozyPro.