MSI recently has announced its new TV Card “TV@nywhere Satellite Pro”. TV@nywhere Satellite Pro is the card which provides digital satellite television and radio reception function. By utilizing this card, user can watch TV or listen to the radio easily on computer and don’t need to put up with poor quality of network television like low bandwidth transmission. For some users who like to record also can simply set the recording times, the systems will automatically record and save into the computer hard drive. Other features include screen capturing which user can capture images and save into JPEG or BMP files format.

TV@nywhere Satellite Pro is currently the first to use all solid-capacitor which available in the market today. Solid capacitor has a lot of features such as low resistance, high and low temperature-resistant, resistant to be high pressure and high reliability and etc. The features of the solid capacitor has make the TV@nywhere Satellite Pro work stability in different environment like high temperature and the material using in solid capacitor also strengthen TV@nywhere Satellite Pro’s overall performance , stability and durability.