Have you ever wanted to jot something down while reading? While the traditional pen and paper allow you to do that, the e-reader only displays pages on an electronic screen without allowing you to write anything. Samsung Electronics’ new product is set to change that.


Formerly known as Papyrus, the newly named SNE-50K reader is an all-in-one device It not only allows users to read text files, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents in BMP graphic format, it also allows users to write memos, view calendars, record appointments, and plan schedules. It comes equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen display and an accompanying stylus pen. The 6.5-ounce e-reader has a memory of 512 MB with a screen resolution of 600 x 800 pixels.

Samsung has paired up with South Korea’s Kyobo Bookstore Company which has 2500 titles in e-book format thus far. New titles not available as e-books in Kyobo can be requested online via Kyobo’s website. Samsung is also seeking to collaborate with other book publishers to package new books for the e-reader. The SNE-50K reader is currently only available in South Korea for about $270 though there are plans to market the device in other countries in the future.