Here’s an interesting research report that says the 5th Ave Apple Store is offensive to some Muslims. Why? Apparently the glass cube shape of the Apple Store entrance resembles the Ka’ba in Mecca. The report, which was translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), also finds problems in people referring to the glass cube as the “Apple Mecca,” the store being open 24 hours a day like the Ka’ba, and because “alcoholic beverages” are served inside at a bar.

Obviously the offended Muslims in question have never actually been to the 5th Ave Apple Store. The only bar in the Apple Store is the Genius Bar and although the advice of a Genius Bar employee may be intoxicating, it isn’t alcoholic. For those of you unfamiliar with the Apple Genius Bar, it’s a booth inside the Apple Store where you can bring your broken iPod or computer and have them take a look at it. There are no alcoholic drinks served at the Genius Bar, just knowledge. The purpose of the Genius Bar must have gotten lost in translation. For the record, Apple Stores do not serve alcohol. People getting drunk and playing with expensive computers and iPods probably isn’t a good idea.

As far as building a cube shaped store entrance that’s open 24 hours a day…. Apple’s 100% guilty of doing that. But can a simple glass cube really be blasphemous? Please write a comment below and share your thoughts.