National Geographic has announced the launch of its new iGen NV20/20 night vision scope, boasting night vision technology which able to capture photos as well, seems perfect for folks who prefer to take night shots. It’s going to be a really cool gadget to those you always ‘hunting’ for whatever objects at night.


Key Features Of New iGen NV20/20:

  • Ambient light amplication of 650 times
  • Works day or night
  • Variable Frame Rate – user adjustable exposure time to enhance light gathering capability. From 2 fps to 30 fps
  • Infrared Intelligence – 3 modes. Wattage adjusts automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness
  • Variable display brightness
  • Enhanced infrared sensitivity, double that of intensifier tube technology
  • Clarity across the screen – edge to edge
  • Programmable time out features
  • Video composite output
  • Color output choices

The new iGen NV 20/20 night vision scope is available for about $600.