The interactiveness of computers has just improved with Apple’s newly released Magic Trackpad. Now you can touch, swipe, scroll, rotate, and do much more with your fingers on the multitouch track pad to control the functions on your computer or Mac. It almost feels like you’re flipping the pages of an online article with your fingers. The wireless track pad is connected via Bluetooth. Designed in the same aluminum style, it resembles a large touchscreen or mouse button that is extremely sensitive to your commands.

The range of finger controls possible with Magic Trackpad is amazing – clicking or double-clicking anywhere on the pad, two-finger scrolling, pinching to zoom, swiping with three fingers, switching between windows with four fingers, etc. One can customize or tailor finger movements to commands by changing existing commands in the system. The Magic Track pad runs on batteries. But the Bluetooth technology has an auto power switch off if it detects inactivity for a long period. This helps to conserve energy when the pad is not in use. Magic Trackpad can be used in itself or to complement the mouse for a desktop or laptop.