If the increasing workload and busy schedules stop you from spending time to do home cleaning work, perhaps it is time to look for helper such as Neato XV-11 auto vacuum system if you don’t plan to hire a house keeper. Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system which was released lately by Neato Robotics is a fully automatic home robot vacuum cleaner that can share your household chores. This smart robot uses a high-tech laser-powered Room Positioning System (RPS) Technology to map the entire floor space in your room and avoids most obstacles. It has a 360-degree view of a room to make the floor mapping more efficient and more detailed. Instead of bouncing around the room to do the vacuuming, this smart robot methodically cleans the floors using SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology and path planning algorithms to outline the area to clean and then fully clean within the space in a back-and-forth pattern.


Neato XV-11 can be programmed for scheduled cleaning. Users who are too busy to clean their house can schedule this robotic house keeper to do vacuuming on multiple rooms at various set times. Neato XV-11 runs on a replaceable and rechargeable battery. This intelligent robot will go back to its base station for recharging when the battery runs flat. The low profile and D-Shape design (less than four inches high) offers the vacuum cleaner to do cleaning in restricted places such as corners of a room, under beds, sofas, etc. Neato XV-11 also offers high power suction capability. At the vacuum’s core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles. It creates sustained high-powered suction, allowing the Neato XV-11 to thoroughly pick up dirt and debris.

With $399, users can get this Neato XV-11, a simple but effective way to keep homes always neat and clean.