NetGear, a market leader in networking technology has just released a MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Allicance) based Ethernet Adapter Kit targeted to improve multimedia contents streaming in digital home. Named as MCAB1001, it is claimed to be able to achieve up to 270Mbps which is more than sufficient for multiple HD (High Definition) media contents utilizing existing coaxial cable for home networking without incurring additional cost.


The MCAB1001 is compatible with most cable TV services as well as DSL network with support of both MoCA version 1.0 and 1.1. Besides, it is featured with QoS (Quality of Service) that ensures priority has been given to HD media streaming for much greater visual experience. All these are safely encrypted to enhance security and privacy for personal use.

The kit is currently available in market space and at a retail price of $229, it is quite a good solution in view of its great compatibility and high bandwidth data transmission perfectly suitable for use in linking your home Ethernet devices such as Digital Video Recorder, HDTV and game consoles back to high bandwidth content service from service providers.