Two years after it was introduced, Chumby One has officially rolled out a newer version which comes with a new hard shell and substantial interface uplift to replace the old Chumby classic. Chumby One is a compact Wi-Fi device that can display useful and interesting information from the web. Users can add internet widgets (more than 1,500 widgets) to it and use it for entertainment activities, e.g. playing games, listening to internet radio, updating social networks, etc. They can also use it to read news, check the weather, watch sport events, display photos, as a clock or alarm and a lot more.


Tagged at $99, almost half the price of its original version, the new Chumby one features a faster processor (454MHz compared to 350MHz in the earlier version), a built-in FM radio, an optional rechargeable lithium ion battery, a dedicated volume knob, 2GB of microSD memory, and a single USB 2.0 port. The 3.5-inch (320×240) LCD touch screen surprisingly still remains unchanged.