The company specialized in silent PC cooling solutions, Nexus Technology has announced the availability of its new unique Nexus TDD-9000 universal patented liquid cooling pad, which the company claims as the most convenient cooling pad for your notebook in the market – fully foldable, easy to use and easy to carry.


As what you see in the photo, the Nexus TDD-9000 cooling pad is a soft black velvet with inside a patented gel liquid to provide highly efficient cooling, eliminating the need of electricity.

“When you put the laptop cooling pad on your lap you will feel your lap turn colder within 10 seconds,” said Michael van der Jagt, CEO of Nexus Technology. The Taiwanese testing institute SGS Taiwan has done independent tests that support these claims. Their tests with a laptop of their choice show significant improvement in temperatures of the laptop’s components, with improvements up to 17degreesC.”

According to the company, the users can re-boost the cooling power by simply lifting the cooling pad up and shake it every 20 minutes for optimal cooling.

The new Nexus TDD-9000 patented liquid cooling pad that able to fit any size laptop is scheduled to be available by mid-June 2009 for $23.