QualComm has just unveiled a new processor under its Snapdragon family. Named as QSD8650A, it is a new ARM-based processor targeted for smart phone and the newly evolved “smartbook” market.


QSD8650A is fabricated using 45-nm process technology. Running at 1.3GHz, the processor is integrated with 2D/3D graphics hardware accelerator engine that able to handle some of the multimedia processing, freeing up the main core for other important tasks. Some other specifications include the Wi-Fi, GPS (Global Positioning System), Bluetooth 2.1, mobile TV module such as DVB-H and with a WXGA resolution screen support for HD multimedia playback.

Surprisingly, it is clamed to be able to achieve 30 percent higher performance as compared to its predecessors while able to bring both the idle and dynamic power consumption down for much longer battery life while on the move. According to reliable source, the idle power consumption is merely 10mW which is much more lower than conventional processors while able to run both Android and Linux Operating Systems at own preference.

Besides, there is also a dual-core version, named as QSD8672 fabricated using the same process technology but clocking at 1.5GHz which is even more powerful to compete against with X86 based processors such as Intel Atom or Via Technologies’ Nano processors in netbook segment. No pricing information yet, the QSD8650A will start sampling by end of this year.