The South-Korean consumer electronics giant, Samsung has introduced its amazing and interesting 2 in 1 (DAP & Voice Recorder) highly pocketable device, Samsung YV-150 Voice Yepp. YV-150 Voice Yepp is the hybrid device that allows you to record voice at standard quality sound for a maximum of 66 hours (SP mode) and up to 16 hours in SHQ mode. Besides, the sleek and stylish device that features an FM tuner can also be used as an MP3/WMA player.


Furthermore, the Samsung Voice Yepp can convert a text file in voice with its integrated Text-to-Speech program, so you can comfortably listen to a file on your laptops or PCs after the transfer. In addition, the electronic device that available in 1GB and 2GB memory capacity can supports wide variety of languages including Chinese, English, and Japanese.