The British company, JeJoue has designed its new sex toy – SaSi, the ultimate and cool vibrator using the latest Sensual Intelligence technology, aiming to provide users the perfect and intense sensual massage every time. According to the company, “A smooth rounded massage head undulates under a thin, silky cover, creating a soft kneading sensation that can be completely customized by adjusting movement type, speed and vibration.”


Features Of New Jejoue SaSi Sex Toy:

  • Fantastic for partner foreplay or solo massage
  • Splashproof, non-porous and bacteria resilient
  • Removable covers made from phthalate and latex-free medical grade silicone, using the newly patented SMITEN membrane technology
  • Fully customisable with fascias available in different colours

The new JeJoue SaSi vibrator that measures 130mm x 50mm x 40mm is expected to be available in coming April for about $175.